NoTremor in eHealth Forum 2015 in Athens

NoTremor in eHealth Forum 2015 in Athens

ehealth forum stand

During the first week of December 2015 the NoTremor project was presented in the eHealth Forum 2015 in Athens - Greece. 

The eHealth Forum is a new and highly active institution , which promotes multi-level collaborative actions in the country of Greece and between scientific , academic and business organizations having as a center the promotion of electronic health care. The 2015 conference is aiming to promote the goals of the institution and be a successful continuation of the 2014 event, which attracted the interest of hundreds of participants from Greece , Europe and the US. The main objectives of the eHealth Forum are to:

  • Support the development and utilization of digital applications in the health sector;
  • Inform organisations, health professionals and local government, for the applications and the potential of e-health;
  • Raise awareness about the benefits of digital technology to public health and quality of life;
  • Promote international interoperability standards and best practices, in order to shape a healthy and competitive medical informatics market;
  • Support the institutional constitution of the Greek eHealth ecosystem, involving all stakeholders.

NoTremor together with another health oriented project, the MyAirCoach  were presented in the forum in order to investigate the possibility of synergies with commercial entities and research institutes in Greece. Furthermore, the communication with healthcare professionals and technology developers working in this area of eHealth, provided useful feedback for the development of the NoTremor simulation and analytics system as well as the fully integrated platform which is planned for next year.