NoTremor Focus Groups Events for the Evaluation of the Line Test

25 Oct 2016

The line test is a motor task which has been developed as part of the NoTremor project as a potential assessment of hand control. The task has been used in a cohort of people affected by Parkinson’s who are participating in the large DISCOVERY study at the University of Oxford. In addition to the line test the subjects have undergone UPDRS motor assessments and comparison of these motor scores with the line test data will provide an indication of how useful the line test may be in future assessment of motor impairment. The test has also been piloted in Santa Chiara (University of Trento) where longitudinal data from 4 subjects was collected. Also in Thessaloniki (in collaboration with Papanikolaou Hospital- prof. Bostatzopoulou) it has been used in 42 people affected by Parkinson’s and 10 healthy controls to investigate correlations among features such as position, velocity, acceleration, jerk, and response times as recorded using the line-test, a force-test and mobile-phone apps recording gait and tremor.