My fetish story

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. The subway was like it always was. Its calming motions and dull thudding was lulling Mark into a half-aware daze. The moans and wet slapping sounds blending into the background. His thoughts were elsewhere, thinking of the homework he'd been ased today.

It wasn't the hardest asment he'd received in the four months he'd been attending the Fetish Academy. Though still, it was something he'd have to actually put his mind to. It wasn't like last week's asment of fucking someone in public transit. That one had been easy. He'd just used one of the relief-seats.

Daydreaming he thought back on that trip.

My fetish story

The particular relief-seat he'd used then was a pink-haired girl. About the same age as him and my fetish story in only thigh-high boots. He'd sat down on the padded bench, opened his fly and then grabbed the girls pigtails. Pulling down on them, he could feel her hands grab his hard, sizeable cock and aim it towards her sopping-wet pussy.

A clinking sound could be heard, as the chains binding her hands to the ring in the floor moved with her. He'd pulled on the pigtails until he could feel himself entering her warm embrace. Pulling further, he attached the hooks at the end of the pigtails, to the rings that were set on either side of him on the bench. Feeling her squeeze down on him, from the pain and pleasure, he slapped the side of her ass, to al her to start. One could never be sure what they'd experience in the relief-seats, unless you had seen the particular one in action before.

This one had started vigorously thrusting up. Only kept on his cock by the chains and her hair.

My fetish story

Leaning back, Mark had pulled out a textbook and started reading. Every jolt of my fetish story train made the relief-seat moan as she bounced on his cock. Getting pushed up by him my fetish story into her, and then pulled back down by her chains and pigtails. That asment had been literally no effort at all. He'd been done when he filled her up, at the stop before his. This new one though he'd have to actually head out and try. Make five people orgasm. That was the asment. Not hard, but something he'd have to go out and actually put an effort into.

The Fetish Academy had been his dream ever since his awakening three years ago. When his fetish for freeuse was awakened. The fetish for using whoever, whenever. And once he received his fetish he'd have the right to "adjust and educate" whoever he deemed necessary for the improvement of society's sexual healthy and well-being. Making sure that the prudishness and lack of liberation from before The Event, never again returned. Society had been more harmonious and happy than ever before, ever since coming of age started awakening everyone to their inner fetish.

There hadn't been a war in the one hundred and twenty years since, and crime was almost non-existent. The acceptance of fetishes didn't come straight away. At first there was pandemonium, as birthmarks appeared on peoples left hand and strange new urges started overtaking them. There were mass-disruptions, and acceptance took time to arrive, after the birthmarks were deciphered to be representative of the fetishes. Once they were accepted as an unavoidable fact of life, and it was discovered that not indulging, led to declining health, society stabilized.

No longer was there stigma or taboo, shame or regret. As everyone could know what you needed. And it truly was need. Deciding to start right away he tapped a girl right next to him, She must have awakened recently, she seemed younger than he was. Where are my manners! She leaned against the carriage-wall, presenting her posterior. She obeyed, as he used his free hand to fondle her little booty. Spit ran down her chin as she slobbered. With that he moved his wet hand to the entrance to her puckered anus.

Roughly forcing two fingers past her clenched sphincter. Her scream of pain and arousal elicited no attention from the people on the train. Used to such going-ons, they just continued with their own business, which in many cases caused similar sounds. Placing his left hand around her thin neck he gripped on. Squeezing her throat lightly he started thrusting his fingers into her ass. Setting a rapid pace from the get-go, he punished her anus as he squeezed with his other hand. Restricting her air-supply. He could feel himself stiffening as he listened to her pained pants and moans.

Feeling her rhythmical clenching on his fingers, he decided to force a third one inside. Pushing it in and up with the others, lifting her up on the tip of her toes.

My fetish story

Pushing harder he slammed her light frame into the wall. Her small breasts and face pushed towards the window. Using both his hands. On her throat and in her ass, he lifted her of the floor, using his hip to help prop her up and against the window. Now with this leverage he started moving his fingers, faster and faster. As he squeezed her throat her slobber stained the window. Her moaning growing louder and louder, with mixed pain and pleasure. This continued on as she seemed to my fetish story more and more absent.

The lack of oxygen, combined with intense pleasure and pain proved too much for her mind. As she started spasming and Mark could feel his leg get wet, as she squirted with an intensity that belied her small frame. As he let go of her, she collapsed on the floor, panting and shaking with a glazed over expression.

She took several minutes to regain her composure and strength, as Mark stood watch over her. Making sure she didn't get hurt in her post-orgasmic daze. When she started struggling to her feet in a torrent of thanks, and oh my god's, he knew he could return to his seat for the last few stations. His mom's cheerful voice held a beautiful tone, a testament to her skills as a singer. He assumed she was making dinner, as she'd not have to leave for her performance, at one of the local clubs, until later in the evening.

Entering the kitchen he saw her wearing nothing but an apron and a tail-plug. The tail swinging back and forth as she swayed back and forth seductively in tune to her musical humming. Her curvaceous body as always caused a reaction in Mark. His growing cock making a very noticeable tent in his underwear.

Her chestnut hair flowed down her back, playing over it as she swayed and shot him a radiant smile over her shoulder. Her beautiful face was even more so with the near-constant smile and she had to nearly fight off suitors with a stick ever since her husband died.

Before that as well. She gestured with her head backwards, towards one of the corners, where the neighbours kid was sitting on a stool, cock in hand and slowly stroking it as he watched the tail hanging from Elizabeth's ass. He'd often come over and watch Mark's mom. His voyeur fetish complementing her exhibitionism fetish. Him and Mark had been friends since they were small, playing together in the playground, like kids of the same age tended to do. A quick greeting followed, but Bill was clearly too zoned out, watching the plump ass in front of him to actually hold any kind of conversation.

Mark was familiar with how he often got and paid him little mind. With that he went to his room and dumped off his backpack. Opening up one of his drawers he looked through the many toys inside, before settling on a long vibrator with a bent bulb at the end. Perfect for hitting the g-spot. With his tool in hand he returned to the kitchen. She wordlessly obliged and continued with her food-preparations, all the while humming along on some song she'd heard on the radio.

Mark sat down on the ground my fetish story scooted backwards, between his mom's legs.

My fetish story

His back to the cabinet, he turned his face up and got it at just the right height to give his moms shaved pussy a good kiss. And then another, followed by a lick along one of the lips, then the other. Finally he used his tongue to taste her wet, delicious opening. She must have been incredibly turned on from having been teasing Bill, as well as wearing the tail-plug. Deciding he didn't need to get her going, and not wanting to get in the way of her cooking for too long, Mark put the vibe against her opening, and then my fetish story pushed it in.

The bulbous head slid in easily, moving further in. Putting his lips against his mothers clit, he sucked it into his mouth. Licking and sucking on it, he started moving the vibrator. Rubbing it up and down against her g-spot. Doing this for a few moments while Elizabeth kept humming, sometimes breaking out in soft singing. Feeling like it was time to get this properly going, mark turned on the vibrator, turning the knob to medium setting.

At once the buzzing filled the room and he started moving the toy faster. His sucking was vigorous, intending to make her cum as quickly. Even with all this though, his mom kept up his singing, not missing a note. She'd had plenty of practice during her shows.

Enjoying her singing, but enjoying pleasuring the pussy that birthed him even more, mark sat a rapid pace. Sucking away, his tongue moving over the little nub between his lips.

My fetish story

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