Dirty panties forum

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Dirty panties forum

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Dirty panties forum

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Dirty panties forum

Industry forums. More industry forums. Careers advice. Talk relationships. EU Students. Further information. News forums. Entertainment forums. Other interests. Home […] Forums Life and style Money and finance. Swapping dirty underwear for cash. What is your opinion? Confused about Clearing? Go to first unread. Skip to :. Useful links: 1 5. This discussion is closed. Report 9 years ago So dirty panties forum they wear, lick or sniff the crap out the knickers Back, when the interface was nicer to use, I used the eBay forums quite a fair bit and there were people often putting up pictures of themselves wearing the items, and people would pay for the soiled goods They were quickly removed though, because eBay doesn't like those sorta people.

I was looking for new! She also says 'My pictures have no sexual intent and are purely to show potential buyers how the item looks worn'. I mean I've sold some popular stuff and they only got like views, and I was posting worldwide! She doesn't seem to make as much as I thought she would tbf.

Yeah, sure they are. Ok, I'm well and dirty panties forum in the weird part of ebay now. Seen a pair of 'my girlfriend's tights' listed with the location 'Fit Lad Land' and brand 'sexy gal'. Oh my. Also, I wonder what "very worn" is. GPH92 Badges: Lamptastic Badges: If I was skint and people wanted my used stuff yeah I'd probably sell it. Weird really and c'mon the sexy poses are just obviously for that purpose but can't be proven. North Irelandman Badges: 9. I can't believe this was the first thread I ever read in "Money and Finance".

On topic though, do what you gotta do. Personally though I'd find it a little bit awkward with the postman if he ever caught a whiff. Mwf Badges: 0. I've been selling mine for about a year. I'm not. I'd never wear knickers that a guy has sent me, that is wierd.

Dirty panties forum

What if there was something harmful in them? In short you dont make a great deal doing it, and there's alot of timewasters, but there are a few decent guys who need a kick disabled, widowed etc and for them it's a good thing. Ok people im a student myself but have been buying used panties from women since i turned 18 so i understand everything there is to know about this 'need' its basically a sort of fetish.

Original post by fuze-mo25 So do they wear, lick or sniff the crap out the knickers Original post by hannahchan. Someone with a dirt fetish? Original post by 1crazydude you said it! I lick and sniff dirty panties forum somepeople enjoy wearing them to.

Badges: To be honest, I would probably do it. Money is money I guess and what harm would it be causing? Original post by Wilfred Little When you buy them do you ask for a face pic of whoever is sending you the knickers?

My personal opinion on the subject of the article is that I'd be comfortable doing this with socks but maybe not so comfortable doing it with dirty knickers I certainly don't think it's immoral. After all What do you guys think?

Dirty panties forum

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