Why do men like to wear pantyhose

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W hat do women think of men wearing pantyhose? W ell, from a male perspective, they'd probably think you were a tad odd and they may question your manhood, I mean how can they be comfortable they are simply not deed to leave us any room down there at all! No comments Permalink Share No comments.

I don't care at all if someone I don't have a relationship with is wearing them. I guess it would take some getting used to if I were dating a guy who wore them. That is something beyond my experience. L ot of people wear them to keep warmyours seems to be more a sexual thing, if you enjoy it and your partner does not mind go with it.

Personally except for warmth reasons i would have a problem with my partner wearing pantyhose. Not that i have any personal experiencce. I f they keep you warm, fine. If they make you horny, fine. I only am concerned about my man. T he big question isn't what we think - it's what you think and if you have a partner, what your partner thinks. I guess that some men wear makeup to hide bad skin - fair enough too - if we women have the luxury of being able to improve our appearance with makeup, why not men, right? Also, some women wear pantyhose to make themselves look better - they suck in tummy flab, they shape legs - well the right ones do.

Why do men like to wear pantyhose

However, what about your genitals as wisely pointed out by eshroom, they're not terribly male organ friendly? Would they be able to cope being cooped up in stockings or are you thinking the suspender types so as to not interfere with the family jewels? I don't mind you wearing them or men I'm friends with wearing them but I think I'd have a hard time coming to terms with it if I had a boyfriend who wanted to wear them. Each person is entitled to their own preferences but I'm sure it would make people ask a few questions.

P antyhose are very uncomfortable to wear for me and Ausbabe is right, they are not deed for a male. I wear Jobst light compression thigh high stockings almost daily to help with the pain in my legs. They work for me, I had to choose between them or taking pain pills all the time. I have been wearing them for years now, I am getting to the point were I don't care anymore what people think. Don't get me wrong, I don't wear them with shorts lol even though I have to say, I've been told I have nice legs ;- My wife has been very supportive and it is just the norm for us after all these years.

Why do men like to wear pantyhose

One thing I have to mention, If any guys out there are going to wear any type of hosiery out in the open, make sure to shave your legs, LOL, I seen a guy with them on who had seriously hairy legs and O'man, was that a bad God Bless O ne look at the website for hoisery for men that pop up on the s for your question suggests it's a huge private market, not for public appearances, and not just for erotica. Just think it out logically: this will be between you and your lover not all women will react the same way -- make sure you've determined that she loves her own legs in them, that she's a tactile and visually oriented person, and that you have an "out" explaination of she reacts poorly but give her a minute to process it all; during an unrushed tryst would be the best time to show her.

And make sure you find out what secret sensation she'd like you to know about Pasobrio loves Marines. I don't care unless it happens to be the guy I'm dating. Then, it wouldn't sit well. Ilike really manly men and a guy in panty hose just wouldn't do it for me. P ersonally, I think anyone who likes to wear pantyhose is a little weird. They are awfully uncomfortable in my opinion; and, I have to literally be forced to wear them. I have to admit that I think a man who likes to wear them is a little more than just a little weird.

Patti jo. Nom de guerre. I find male transvestites kind of hot. So, I'm cool with it. Little Miss Dangerous. I don't like the thought of my man wearing them. I can't even accept male why do men like to wear pantyhose I have no problem with it. I believe that every men should wear them at least once in his life. Along with a thong and high heals. It widens your perspective and give you an insight to what women feel. I am totally cool with men wearing pantyhose. For those who never wear them before, try it. I think you will love the silk feeling on your skin. I agreed that you MUST shave your legs before putting them on.

And quite frankly, pantyhose is just another piece of garment. What is the big deal if men wear them? I think you will love the silky feeling on your skin. Lippycow Jetpacking for Nelson.

Why do men like to wear pantyhose

W ell my brother was a fisherman and used to go to the iclantic waters and he wore tights under his jeans,he said they were they kept your leg warm and he would kill me if i told anyone fortunatly he hasnt got a computer so i think im safe lol. I used to date a "crossdresser", although that isn't the reason we broke up. I loved the look of clothing on him For most men who crossdress, it isnt a fetish, but a need, usually picked up from a young age, for whatever reason.

It is ultimately up to you about wearing hose. It is how you feel in them. And how you feel about it. If you are in a relationship, does your ifigant other approve? Do they even know? Is it a subject that will find them running in the other direction? If you arent in a relationship and just asking advice, well For you girls that say you dont think you can handle it, well you never do know do you?

Trust me, my ex is quite a man. He isn't gay or weird. He has empathy and great respect for women I find that VERY flattering. C lothing should all be ALL unisex anyways. Im a male 40yrs old. Been wearing a thong and pantyhose for twenty yrs now. I have a condition around my legs if I wear mens briefs I get rashes and chafing and blistering. I have to wear pantyhose because of my sore legs and feet from being a why do men like to wear pantyhose and working alot of hrs on my feet.

MY fingernails are week and split and tear in two layers have to wear these things for comfort and to continue living everyday. Why cant society just acccept people for who they are and who cares what we wear. Clothing is just words and colors. Lets have everything unisex and wear things by choice.

I f a man has a great body and he does not have much hair- then wearing pantyhose is very sexy. A lot of women are afraid to admit to liking something like this or even trying it- but it is actually very popular. There are even websites dedicated to this.

Many European pantyhose companies now make pantyhose especially for men! They are the same as the ones for women, but some are just larger and have a male model on the package. Although I heard that some have a 'fly' opening. Do not forget that men wore tights before women to show off their legs. F ine but dont show me as i couldnt stop myself laughing!!!! I think it's great for anybody to wear what they want. I am a man who wears pantyhose, and have been doing so out in the open with shorts for almost 3 years now.

It is a great breakthrough for my personal freedom and putting to rest some of those fears of being viewed as "different". My life has only changed for the better because of it. Go for it and enjoy your freedom! I remember seeing panty hose made for men, they were called "manny hose". Seriously, there really was such a garment.

I don't think it went over very big though. It has been a good many years ago and I don't remember seeing any since.

Why do men like to wear pantyhose

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