Submission fantasy ideas

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Submission fantasy ideas

If you get turned on by the thought of Ryan Gosling in a gimp suit or sexually excited by the idea of smearing yourself in chocolate spread but don't want to actually do it and risk ruining your bedsheetsyou're not strange, you're simply indulging in a sexual fantasy. We all do it from time to time and for some of us using our imagination is an integral aspect of sex. So how do you get involved, what's the best sexual fantasy to start with and what if you're shy about revealing your secret desires to your partner? We explore the most common sexual fantasies and share expert tips on how to make the most of your kinks so you can enjoy the best sex of your life:.

Most people have sexual fantasies of some description, ranging from heteronormative handsome prince to the rescue scenarios, to outright kinky adventures involving role play and urethral sex toys. They are not, we all have this escape route. For many people submission fantasy ideas fantasy offers a release. While our sexual fantasies often remain private to us, some people feel able to tell their partners and act out some of their secret passions in a safe environment together. There are many varied reasons why people have sexual fantasies.

Submission fantasy ideas

The most obvious reason for exploring your fantasy world is to increase sexual arousalbut there are other very normal and perfectly valid reasons to indulge says Kate Moyle, a psychosexual therapist for LELO. According to Moyle, many people like to indulge in sexual fantasies to escape from reality. If your fantasy involves being a high priestess dressed in a leather catsuit when in reality you work as an ant, who can blame you? Some people fantasise because they aren't yet ready, or able, to indulge their ultimate desires.

Sexual fantasy can just as easily be about meeting your emotional needs as your sexual ones. Tired of the missionary position and need a leg-up in the bedroom? This is perfectly normal too! For some people, maintaining a sense of autonomy in the bedroom is also important, and so our fantasies are a safe space for us to explore sexually without having to involve another person, explains Moyle, meaning the experience remains completely in our control.

According to a survey carried out by Lovehoneylight bondage involving being tied up or tying someone up was the most popular sexual fantasy, with 75 per cent of couples saying they enjoyed it. Other popular sex fantasies included domination and submission, making a sex tape and role play. Here's how to get started with 10 of the most common sexual fantasies:. If you're a kinky sex novice submission fantasy ideas bondage may sound like a bold start, but being tied up can involve anything from ropes and harnesses to simple silk scarves or even your dressing gown belt, so don't be afraid to experiment with a submission fantasy ideas of light bondage - provided it's easy to escape.

Padded handcuffs are a great place to start as they are easily adjustable and won't cause discomfort during play. The best bondage positions are also the ones where the submissive partner is comfortable. Pegging takes sexual fantasy to the next level, as it commonly refers to a straight man receiving anal sex from a woman wearing a strap-on dildo.

Submission fantasy ideas

For the man, submission fantasy ideas stimulates the prostate but the fantasy element can really kick-in for women, as they can derive pleasure from switching roles and exploring a different side of their sexuality. If you invest in the right equipment, women can also climax while pegging their partner using a double-ended dildo. Some couples like to experiment with power play and take it in turns to dominate or submit this is known as switchingwhile others are only turned on by playing one role. With power play it's also always important to factor in safety, consent and aftercare, so before you get started don't forget to factor in the following points:.

Keeping play safe is the most important aspect of domination and submission, so make sure you discuss the rules and your boundaries before getting started. It's also important to establish a safe word so you can swiftly end any scenario you're not comfortable with.

Submission fantasy ideas

As with all sex, power play should be completely consensual. It's also important to never leave a restrained person unattended, even for a moment. Power play can be emotionally and physically draining, so always follow a session with aftercare. In the early s every celebrity worth their salt was busy suing someone over a leaked sex tape, but now that technology has taken a few giant leaps, everyone can indulge in video fun.

In the absence of good lighting, your homemade romp might be something you'd rather was kept under wraps. However, don't be disappointed if your sex tape doesn't turn out quite as slick as your favourite porn films. In the absence of good lighting and fancy camera equipment, submission fantasy ideas homemade romp might be something you'd rather was kept under wraps. By adopting a different persona or character, fans of role play often find it easier to explore situations they might not usually feel able to.

This can bring people closer to their partner, too. Popular role play scenarios include boss and secretary, doctor and patient or the plumber popping round to fix your pipes! The possibilities are endless so provided you've agreed in advance, don't be afraid to explore your wildest fantasies with your partner. Dressing up involving rubber, latex or leather often features strongly in people's sexual fantasy bank, with good reason.

For some, the smell of rubber, latex or leather may also be a turn on. Equally if dressing up as Dolly Parton or Bob the Builder gets you off, don't hold back! This is your sexual fantasy so you are free to explore whatever fancy dress you choose for sexual kicks. Spanking features highly in many sexual fantasy scenarios, with good reason. If you've never enjoyed a good spanking you'll be reassured to hear that if you target the fleshy bits, it doesn't have to hurt and the submission fantasy ideas vibrations can actually feel very arousing.

A light spanking also elicits a wide range of physical and psychological responses. You'll be reassured to hear that if you target the fleshy bits, spanking doesn't have to hurt. The aim with spanking is to keep it sensual at all times and maintain that erotic energy between you and your lover.

Sex in public is a serious turn on for many, thanks to the thrill of getting caught or being seen by an unsuspecting passerby. While it is technically illegal to have sex outside in a public space in the UK, if the idea of getting frisky in the great outdoors really gets you off, there are plenty of places where you can enjoy exhibitionism without the risk of getting arrested. Try public toilets, a private roof or your back garden to see if it tickles your fancy.

Just make sure you aren't in full view of any nosy neighbours or local. Depriving any one of your senses can heighten the rest, so something as simple as wearing a blindfold or switching off the lights can be remarkably sexy. If you can't see what your other half is up to it also adds a sense of excitement and power play to the proceedings.

Experimenting with sound and touch deprivation can also be a real turn on, but novice kinksters should submission fantasy ideas with extreme caution before trying out breath-play, as this can have disastrous consequences. It should come as no surprise that many people fantasise about adding one or multiple partners to their sex play. The idea of several people wanting to bang you can be a major turn on, plus orgies or threesomes can be a sensory overload with so many different bodies to touch, see and explore.

However, this is one of those fantasies that does not always translate that well into real life, with relationships, hang-ups and safety measures to consider. If you are hell-bent on experimenting with group sex you might be better off attending a sex partyas that way you won't have to negotiate complex relationships with real-life friends and partners to get your end away.

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Submission fantasy ideas

We explore the most common sexual fantasies and share expert tips on how to make the most of your kinks so you can enjoy the best sex of your life: What is a sexual fantasy? Should sexual fantasies be kept secret? Related Story. Moussa81 Getty Images. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this to help users provide their addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Healthy tips for a happy sex life. Healthy tips for a happy sex life Sexual health Sexual health Wellbeing How to cope with common side effects of medicines How to start running: a guide for beginners 5 common smoking triggers and how to tackle them 6 common relationship mistakes 5 common nutrient deficiencies 5 simple steps to help build sexual confidence.

Submission fantasy ideas

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