Vor fetish

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Vorarephilia often misspelled voreaphilia or voraphilia because of their similar pronunciationalso known as phagophilia or simply called vore for short, is a fetish and vor fetish where arousal occurs from the idea of being eaten, eating another, or watching this process. The term vorarephile describes someone who enjoys vore. Most vorarephiles describe themselves as being Prey — reportedly based on how animals are considered to be prey for other animals who are in a higher chain position — while others, who actually do the eating in the fantasies, are referred to as a "pred" derived from the word predator.

A snake swallowing a rat whole.

Vor fetish

In its purest form, this is an example of soft vore. Soft vore describes scenarios where prey is consumed alive and whole, often without it being harmed. Because of its non-violent nature, soft vore is commonly regarded as more sensual and sexually oriented.

Vor fetish

Willing or unwilling prey in soft vore are either digestedsuffocated or simply held in the stomach. Some vorarephiles, who derive pleasure from watching animals eat other animals, enjoy watching snakes eating. This is because they usually swallow their prey whole, a major element in soft vore.

Non-sexual soft vore is often used in a wide variety literature. These may be based on Native American folklore, such as one story where Coyote enters the stomach of a giant to rescue a of people who were vor fetish alive, or the biblical story of Jonah. Lions eating the carcass of a Cape Buffalo. In its purest form, this is an example of hard vore. Hard vore describes scenarios where prey is subjected to injuries of being ripped and chewed.

This type of vore involves cutting, biting, tearing and usually also involves blood. Although inherently there is no sexual characteristic to these portrayals, to someone with a vore fetish, they could be taken in a sexual context. Hard vore has sometimes been referred to as "gore" to separate it from soft vore.

Non-sexual hard vore is regularly portrayed in movies for mature audiences, such as the Jaws franchise and Deep Blue Sea. Other scenarios exist, in which are derived from soft vore and hard vore. The most common is oral vore, in which prey is eaten by means vor fetish the predator's mouth. Well known throughout vore types are the "genital vore" scenarios. This includes unbirthwhich involves the being consumed by the vagina and taking refuge in the woman's womb. It is sometimes referred to as Female Genital Vore or vaginal vore. Others think of it as a mutual, erotic, and consensual activity with no injury to the sexual partners involved — in that case it is not considered a form of vore.

On the other hand, Male Genital Vore or cockvore as it is commonly called refers to being consumed by the penis. A lesser known variant involves the prey to be taken to the prostate for conversion to semen, or to the bladder for storage or digestion. Anal vore describes being consumed by the anus. Such is not always the case, as the prey may simply remain in the rectum of the predator for a varying length of time. Breast vore describes a kind of vore in which prey is drawn into the predator's breast through the nipples. Other, lesser known vore types, include hair vore, in which the prey is trapped in the pred's hair and digested, [7].

Such are only a few of the many types of vore known. Being a fantasyany orifice may be thought of as capable of vor fetish. Vorarephilia has many tides with many relating fetishes that are combined into vore. A popular form of this is giantess vore, where the predators are giantesses which consume victims which are much smaller, which gains this from macrophilia. In micro vore the predator is smaller than its prey this often involves magic that originates from microphilia.

Often in vore, being digested or pushed through the digestive system alive and excreted out is a common way of finishing up a vore story.

Vor fetish

This form of coprophilia is commonly used in vore as a term called scat. Maiesiophilia describes a love of the pregnant female form. It can take various forms, from having the shape of being pregnant while not having the pregnancy, or with a vore scenario, looking pregnant while holding prey inside their stomach.

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Vor fetish

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Vor fetish

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